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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Almost done!

I was going to wait until I was totally finished with all of my finals before I posted...but I couldn't wait.
Yesterday I took a 2hr. Chem final and a 2hr. Calc final --headache central! Ultimate Frisbee that evening helped. All that's left is my qual lab final tomorrow. Then the ACT on Saturday...oh-well.

My mom had James and I come to her history class at the high school today to talk about OC, running start, and James's PSNS internship. Most of those HS kids really couldn't care less, that's for sure. I'm still so glad I'm not attending there. It takes up so much of my mom's time just to get the kids to be quiet and settle down. Such a contrast to college where if you really want to learn you pay the money, buy the books, get to class, and pay attention.

Ok- Now time for a story:

I LOVE SATURNS-they bounce off everything! Today, I was driving James in my Saturn and we were pulling off into a bus turnout along the road I live. This woman was waiting to turn onto the road and mistakenly thought I was turning before I passed her. She pulled out into the road and I slammed on my breaks. James's exact commentary was "Um...stop. Darn." So I wound up T-boning her at about 5 mph. There was just not enough stopping distance. Boing...Unfortunately the woman's car door was bashed in and scratched up -a Toyota Corolla you see. Then after thorough examination of my Saturn we couldn't find one scratch or dent -only my Saturn emblem fell off. The benefits of driving plastic -oh-yeah!



At 7/6/06 08:44, Blogger Beefloaf said...


Hope insurance covers everything.

At 7/6/06 10:01, Blogger Elisabeth said...

It was her fault, so we shouldn't have to pay anything...I hope...

At 7/6/06 16:49, Blogger Beefloaf said...


At 8/6/06 08:02, Blogger Sniper Monkey said...

Good providence with the ACT! I would say the lady in the toyota pretty much got OWND! Yep. Oh yeah. I Present you with: Your very own beaver! :B
Have fun with him, he's a great little guy.

At 9/6/06 16:01, Blogger Elisabeth said...

Thanks. :)

At 9/6/06 16:38, Blogger jolygood said...

But the logo does make for a very interesting keychain. :)

At 9/6/06 23:04, Blogger Jennifer said...

Ooh...Robbie ALSO got t-boned this week! How weird...This is his SECOND mustang that's gotten on owie (The first one, sadly, didn't survive...But this one just got a dent in the front corner panel). Some motorcyclist ran into him and his exact comment was, "It's a bright YELLOW mustang! Who couldn't see it?!" hee hee hee.

Hope you're well!!!



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