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Monday, June 12, 2006

Frisbee Withdraw Fits

So, 2 days into my job as a barista. They finally let me scoop ice cream-life is good. :) Still most of my job is slave labor ie. mopping, sweeping, washing dishes, etc. The only problem is I work at least one of the Ultimate Frisbee days each week. Drat.

Yesterday, my father and I visited a traditional catholic mass. In Latin too! I have to admit that I was quite nervous to be attending a church so different from my own. At this catholic church they have strict dress code and modesty rules which I thought were awesome. All churches should have them-what's wrong with us anyway? Women all must wear veils over their heads there, which was different for me, but very reverent and humble. All in all the whole mass was quite beautiful. I especially loved the choir that sang from a balcony at the back of the sanctuary. Like an angel choir's music from above.

I took the ACT last Saturday. It was different from the SAT, but I wouldn't say different good. There is a science section on it that I was initially excited about because, you know, it's science-that's what I love. However, when the science experiment excerpts are longer to read than the reading sections that's just not cool. Oh-well, I hope I did well anyway.

Yours in Christ,


At 13/6/06 16:40, Blogger Beefloaf said...


I'm back from canadia!!!!

I wish you well on your scores!!!!!!!

At 14/6/06 15:25, Blogger jolygood said...

I wanted to turn Catholic when I went to my friend's church once. It's a beautiful religion.

I'm sure you did well on ACT! I jjust got my Driver's Permit, whee!

At 15/6/06 08:27, Blogger Rachel said...

I'm so sad that you work during ultimate frisbee, at least we will see you one time a week! When will you be able to work the bar? I think you will just love it.

At 15/6/06 15:49, Blogger Sniper Monkey said...

ha! scooping ice cream...sneaking samples every once in a while....that would be cool.

At 16/6/06 07:18, Blogger Beefloaf said...


ITS LIGHTNING!!!!!!!!!!!

A beaver for you:B!!!!!!!!

At 16/6/06 09:57, Blogger Sniper Monkey said...


At 16/6/06 12:00, Blogger Elisabeth said...

Leah-you drive!!! YAY!!!
Welcome back from Canadia there Beefloaf.
Wow, another beaver to add to my collection! I should start a zoo or something.
I'm not sure when I'll be able to work the bar since it's just a part time job, but I hope soon. Scooping ice cream is fun...scraping down the freezer walls is not. Argh.


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