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Monday, September 18, 2006

Here we go again.

Sitting here in the college library with nothing else to do, I figured I could catch up in blogworld.

Summer was great. Many sunny days of hiking, camping, going to the fair, waving in parades, and playing Ultimate. Fun stuff, eh? Oh, and I can't forget to mention being privileged enough to take many 'flights' in my brother's new Charger. Now that's a sweet ride.

Anyway, to the main point of this post...
Back 2 College! Today was the first day of classes, well some of them. I went to Calc and OChem and all, but the reason I'm sitting here bored is because my technical writing class was canceled. Canceled on the first day-what's up with that??!!! But never fear! She left us a 12 page syllabus to pour over in her absence. Argh. I also found out that it's a "hybrid class", meaning we meet in the class room and online. We are required to submit and comment on writing/readings over a discussion board- that should be interesting.

Hopefully blog posting/commenting will pick up with school in session. Also, I have no clue what happened to my picture on this. It's nothing more than a little red x now. *sniffle*

See/talk to/type to you all later.



At 19/9/06 19:45, Blogger poppet said...

actually your picture is a blue box with the words "My Photo", not a box with a little red "x". Anyway, happy International Talk like a Pirate Day!!
By the Powers


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