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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

18 !! !! !! WOOOOO!

Yep yep it's true....I'm 18!

To do list:

1)Regester to Vote!
2)Buy rifle ammo just cuz i can!
3)Buy something under where it says "must be 18 to order" --the words that have disappointed kids for SO long!
4)Iron Oxide + Aluminium + Magnesium + Heat = my 18th b-day present to myself!...boom.=D
5)Eh, finish OC....i guess. May as well.
6)Go to the casino, buy cigars, etc....heck no. But I could legally!!! (no worries folks-this is elisabeth after all)

~elisssssssssssssssssabeth. and don't you forget it. ;)


At 8/3/07 18:34, Blogger Leah said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 8/3/07 18:36, Blogger Leah said...

Elisabeth!! Happy Birthday! When Hayley turns 18, let's go register to vote together. We could have a voting party! lol.

(stupid typos...)

At 12/3/07 17:06, Blogger Nathanael said...

Happy Birthday!

Don’t think I’m horribly rude if I don’t add you on Myspace, I have a rule about adding people, if I haven’t seen them in the flesh, they don’t get access. Too much personal information. And after all, for all you know I could be a 90 woman who happened to get a hold of her grandson’s pictures, (not that I am, just saying lol).
I have dial up (DSL is out of range where I live, NOO!!!) so I can never see any videos on Myspace anyhow. My youth group has a site though,

We just got back from WinterFest! It was so awesome! The Holy Spirit was all over that place! It was amazing to worship God with thousands of other people.


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