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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hey hey

Summer done. My internship with 'big oil' over. And I'm pretty glad. I'm not sure if that's where God wants me to work since that's not exactly where my interests lie. But it was a lot of good experience.

I'm back at WSU. And still updating this blog for some reason, not sure. Maybe I'm just ranting to myself. If so, it's still worth it.

I'm living in the appartments off campus this year with a wonderful young christian lady named Naomi. We get along great, though we didn't know eachother too well before hand.

Classes start soon and this is said to be the hardest semester for ChE students of them all. Here we go Lord! But God and I can take it. I pray.

I simply adore all my friends here. I'm pretty sure we can accomplish anyhing together what with ChE, ME, CE, EE, CompE, Vet, RN, Math, Arct, etc majors amungst us! =D

ttyl all! (or is it just me! =P)


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